[NAG] Milestone: Subsystem Freeze

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Mon Mar 26 15:19:20 CEST 2007


The kdelibs subsystem freeze milestone is set for Sunday 1 April.

But toma and I want to move this forward 1 day to Monday 2 April.
This way we can have 1 last "big changes Monday".

The intention of this freeze is:
 1.  stop making big changes to kdelibs so we can get on with apps work
 2.  stop making big changes to kdelibs because it is time to stop tinkering
 3.  stop making big changes to kdelibs so apps folks can stop porting
      and start working on neat, new features

Also from this point forward we wanted to set a maximum cmake version requirement.
But maybe we should wait on that??

Comment? Objections? Compliments?

Allen, KDEPIM Release Team, neatfreak, nag

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