KDE 4.0 Release Schedule and Stuff

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Fri Mar 16 18:38:44 CET 2007


We have a plan.  There have been no major objections that I know about.
Let's make it so.  Until something drastic changes.

We have 4 documents of importance:

 [1] The KDE 4.0 Release Roadmap,
 This document I intended for Release Team use.  It contains
  important dates that aren't necessarily part of a schedule

 [2]  The KDE 4.0 Release Schedule,
 This is a somewhat different list than the roadmap, intended as
  a calendar of events, but I do think we can eventually merge the two.
  It has links to [1].

  [3]  KDE 4.0 Module Status,
 Release coordinators need to add info about their respective modules.

  [4] The KDE 4.0 Feature Plan,
  Currently empty.  We need to start working on this.

So there it is.  We have the first milestone coming in 2 weeks:
The Subsystem Freeze,

Allen, KDEPIM Release Dude

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