obsolete templates

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Thu Mar 8 14:11:05 CET 2007

At Thursday 08 March 2007 12:24, you wrote:
> > If someone has a good suggestion how to fix this, shoot.
> So for all code still for KDE 3:
> trunk/playground -> branches/playground/3
> trunk/review -> branches/review/3
> trunk/extragear -> branches/extragear/3

Currently I think we should rename /trunk/playground to /trunk/playground3
and use /trunk/playground only for kde4 applications. 

Same for review and extragear.

Maybe we should simply add such a switch to the release planning and pick a date to move things around. But the requirement is that a new section is needed for the translators to work in. Or should we make /trunk/playground3 applications untranslatable from that moment on?


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