kdenetwork 4.0 release?

Eike Hein kde at eikehein.com
Fri Jun 1 16:59:17 CEST 2007

Urs Wolfer wrote:
> What do you think? Should we release kdenetwork 4.0 and just disable the apps 
> that are not ready in the release? (Of course, we are not going to release 
> not working apps...) Or should we not release kdenetwork at all?

Well, it would be a shame not to release it for the
apps that you say do work or can be made to work in
time - krfb/krdc are used by quite a few people, and
having them disappear from 4.0 would be a fairly
significant regression. Also, the KGet guys seem to
have done an impressive amount of work for 4.0, and
if it's feasible, I'm sure they will want to get
that into the hands of people.

> Bye
> urs

Eike Hein, hein at kde.org

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