Are We Ready? Beta1 vs. Alpha3

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Mon Jul 23 23:14:13 CEST 2007

On Saturday, 21. July 2007, Allen Winter wrote:

> This probably means delaying KDE 4.0 for at least 1 month, ie. 23 Nov.

I think we should aim for Beta1 now. I rather would plan another beta than 
continuing with alpha series (which do not get much attention). 

The kdelibs stuff is mostly beta1 ready. we don't have that many apps and not 
a complete desktop, but thats what beta is for. Looking at the kde-commits, I 
still see tons of "lets fix some krazy warnings' and "remove not necessary 
forward declarations" instead of people actually fixing all the freaking bugs 
and re-adding all the features that got scrapped in some "KDE4 will have 
something better later" early code removal. 

We have to fix *that*, and not play games with the release schedule. the beta 
period is exactly what it should be. 

That said, I haven't managed to run today's state of KDE yet because its so 
freaking broken (and many parts still do not compile due to the day of the 
week). Lets see tomorrow how bad it really is. 


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