Are We Ready? Beta1 vs. Alpha3

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Mon Jul 23 11:58:19 CEST 2007

On Saturday 21 July 2007, Rex Dieter wrote:
> Allen Winter wrote:
> > On Saturday 21 July 2007 2:51:51 pm Rex Dieter wrote:
> >> <don=fedora-kde-packager-hat>
> >> This would pretty much screw us trying to ship kde4 (as the default kde
> >> desktop) for fedora 8 (which *is*, err maybe *was* the plan).
> >> </don
> >
> > If I were one of your customers (and I am), I would be very wary
> > of using KDE 4.0.x.   KDE 4.1.2 sounds about right.
> Ouch.  Seriously, this coming from someone on the kde release-team
> speaks volumes.  Something is seriously broken here.  methodologies?
> expectations?

it's the reality of what a major dot-oh release means for production 
installations. most production installations are pretty conservative, and for 
good reasons, and so don't move to major dot-oh's until they've been proven a 
bit. it's more bleeding edgers (e.g. developers, enthusiasts, pilot 
projects...) that go with major dot-oh's.

> OK, I think I'm starting to see... (thinking out loud) there's a
> difference between kde 4 the development platform and kde 4 the
> desktop.  At this point, looks like the former is getting the most
> attention (from the release-team's perspective anyway).
> Am I getting warm?
> If so, would there be any merit or consideration to position kde 4.0
> like that, only (or primarily) as a development platform?
> How far to take it?  Release only some parts/modules as part of the kde
> 4.0?  The rest could come later as part of the kde4 "desktop", and
> kde-promo's ideas around release parties, etc..

then the rest of the software suffers from not having enough testing soon 
enough, and we ship libs without apps to exercise them .... i think we can 
ship everything that is decently shippable with 4.0 and communicate clearly 
the shape that the various bits are in and where we are moving to next, along 
with that clear release schedule you mentioned in an earlier email.

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