Are We Ready? Beta1 vs. Alpha3

Thomas Zander zander at
Sun Jul 22 09:55:10 CEST 2007

I have been lurking for some time, I just want to comment on the 
release-based schedule thing which is a way of developing I'm a huge fan 

On Saturday 21 July 2007 2:51:51 pm Rex Dieter wrote:
> > For anyone who missed Mark Shuttleworth's akademy talk... he stressed
> > the absolute importance of regular, reliable release cycles.  Not
> > sticking to release schedules sucks.

And I fully agree with just about all he said on that topic. One thing of 
importance is that he immediately conceded that KDE4 is a different beast 
altogether and this idea doesn't work for 4.0

This is the core point;
> > Don't hold releases hostage for 
> > features.

Again, fully agreed.   But this is not about features; KDE4.0 is (still) 
about heavy refactoring and reinstating basic functionality before being 
able to release (a beta).

The reason why the concept that Mark proposed can work is that you can 
just remove or not release a feature which is not ready. And thus avoid a 
schedule slip because that feature needs more work.

But, unfortunately, we can't just leave out kcontrol or plasma because its 
not ready. So the release schedule must slip.

I'd love to see the idea of timed releases based on 
optional-feature-inclusion in the future. But unfortunately Fedora will 
have to wait until "its ready" on this one.

Thomas Zander
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