Some Thoughts on Releases (Kludge and the Future)

Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Sat Feb 24 11:08:15 CET 2007


On Saturday 24 February 2007 02:13:56 Allen Winter wrote:
> A few comments regarding the process and the announcement.
> In no particular order.
> - I suck.  Sorry I didn't help more with Kludge.  I didn't even have
>   time to test the release tarballs.

We all suck :-)

> - Did we agree on the plan for a Software Development Kit (SDK)
>    release to occur before a full desktop+apps release?
>    If so, we need to discuss what should be in the SDK.

I had discussed this with TT's Knut, and we should definitely try to get them 
involved with that. Trolltech wants some kind of SDK as well. Goes together 
well (at least for most parts) with that idea.

> - We really need to get more release managers.
>    I know Jason sent out a couple of nags.


> - I see that milliams started a KDE3 -> KDE4 porting tutorial at
>    That tutorial should be improved and a link provided with
>    the next release announcement.  The current tutorial
>    provided on is lacking.

Nice, there's actually a discussion going on how to announce, 
and we want to piggyback with the snapshot somehow. 

> - not that it matters much, but I sorta would have expected
>    to receive a message to this ML regarding the naming and timing
>    of the latest snapshot release.

Yeah, more general, it could've been done quite a bit better, and I feel kind 
of responsible for that. I only joined this team too late to pull that off 
well, so excuses, will try to do better next time.

> - perhaps the announcement on the dot should have had a
>    link to the download site.

Right, I had asked if it could be added once known, but that didn't work out I 
guess. :/

> - I was a bit stunned to see the announcement mention "summer 2007"
>   for the KDE4.0 release.  maybe for an SDK we can hit that target. maybe.
>    but it's good to have a goal.

That is the single thing I've heard so far, and given that this question 
*will* be asked, we better put it in the announcement rather than leaving it 
open and thereby fuelling the OSNews style trolls.

I'd like to invite everyone here though to think about a roadmap and a release 
schedule, but I think this is the very purpose of this team, so it'll work 
out :-)

> - all that being said, I think the announcement was very well written.


> - do we have an oxygen style KDE4 logo?  by logo, I mean something
>    like the "10 years KDE" picture on

Not yet, but surely something to bring up with the Oxygen team. I'll take that 
to the promo people.
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