Some Thoughts on Releases (Kludge and the Future)

Tom Albers tomalbers at
Sat Feb 24 12:29:35 CET 2007

Op za 24 feb 2007 11:08 schreef u:
> > - I suck.  Sorry I didn't help more with Kludge.  I didn't even have
> >   time to test the release tarballs.
> We all suck :-)

I suck more.
> Nice, there's actually a discussion going on how to announce, 
> and we want to piggyback with the snapshot somehow. 

Can we also announce everything on kde-announce ? I'll blog about kde-announce later on. I think the impact on that mailinglist is underestimated currently.
> > - not that it matters much, but I sorta would have expected
> >    to receive a message to this ML regarding the naming and timing
> >    of the latest snapshot release.

I wanted to do a test build or something today, but that's no longer needed now it's released. So I would like to know when a release goes public so I can shift some stuff around to help with the testing of stuff.. Just an idea.

These points are not so important as the fact that we have a new release. Thanks for creating it!


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