Joining the Party

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Wed Feb 21 14:57:29 CET 2007

On Wednesday, 21. February 2007 11:16, Sebastian Kügler wrote:

> During past year, we have handled releases as follows:
> - 3 weeks prior to release we started looking at the changelog, usually
>   prepared and maintained by Carsten Niehaus (this is a great help)
> - We formulated 3 keymessages for the release (more than 3 confuses the
> press, 3 seems just right to have them taken over as-is and have the
> messages not dilluted

Thats great. Unfortunately we don't have a changelog yet, we don't even have a 
proper release planning. I would hope that we can improve and comply to the 
pre-existing process for Alpha1 (the next milestone). 

For the snapshot we don't need to do the full round, just a dot story will be 

However, that leaves us with the key question I already received: 

- What are the important changes in this new snapshot?

For me, it is almost 4 months of development with various smaller milestones: 
  * kdelibs has been cleaned up a lot, kdecore is X11 dependency free
  * non-X11 builds have improved a lot
  * MVC concepts have been introduced in some areas of kdelibs
  * sonnet has been merged
  * dolphin has entered kdebase

There are probably quite some other things that I'm missing, please help to 
complete the list. 


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