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I've joined the release-team mailinglist yesterday in order to help out with 
coordinating release plans with the Marketing Team. 

During past year, we have handled releases as follows:

- 3 weeks prior to release we started looking at the changelog, usually 
  prepared and maintained by Carsten Niehaus (this is a great help)
- We formulated 3 keymessages for the release (more than 3 confuses the press, 
  3 seems just right to have them taken over as-is and have the messages not 
- We've prepared an announcement for the dot and sent it to translation teams

Release day itself means:
- Sending out a note to the press channel [1] a couple of hours before the 
  actual release, so the press can prepare their stuff and publish 
  simultaneously with the actual release
- Update the websites
- Send announcement to kde-announce (usually some hours later, in order to 
  spread the load on the mirrors a bit

This is very roughly the process of release promotion, more details can be 
found on . Obviously, 
this needs some coordination with the Release Team, that's why I'm here.

[1] The press channel is a closed list of invited journalists that receive 
    short notes prior to things actually happen, so articles can be prepared 
    in advance.

Personally, I'll try to keep out of technical discussions, but will try to 
advise on promo- and marketing-related matters.

If you have any questions, please shoot.
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