Shipping a cursor theme with KDE

Tom Albers tomalbers at
Thu Dec 27 17:12:03 CET 2007

Op donderdag 27 december 2007 16:35 schreef u:
> Le jeudi 27 décembre 2007, Sebastian Kuegler a écrit :
> > I'd like to add it, but not as default theme. This way it gets more
> > exposure, doesn't break anything and makes the artists team somewhat happy.
> > They do have a say in this kind of decisions, to a degree where we just
> > have to trust them.
> Come on, please don't put that as a "we have to trust the artists" issue... I 
> fully trust them when it's about art but:
> 1) It has to be pointed that this case could have technical implications;
> 2) We're really close to the release now, and it just appeared now.
> In my previous mail the most important point IMO was the point (4): it's 
> sending the wrong signal to people...
> > We did indeed exempt artwork from the freeze at least partially. It is very
> > late, but this way we minimise the possible negative impact and yet give
> > the users something extra...
> I disagree here, it's a way to do a last "marketing noise" to the last minute, 
> and it's getting beyond ridiculous in this case.
> > Can we settle on adding the Oxygen-cursors non-default?
> In this case can I commit a couple of small trivial pet features I have but 
> disabled by default?
> (I hope people are getting my point now... it's fine to freeze artwork later, 
> but letting the artists in free for all mode for the whole cycle is just no 
> good for other contributors motivation)
> Regards.
> PS: And now I blame myself because I sent yet another mail in this thread.

Thanks, and I completely agree, it is simply too late.
Tom Albers	

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