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Thomas Zander zander at
Tue Dec 18 19:10:22 CET 2007

On Tuesday 18. December 2007 12:20:19 Sebastian Kuegler wrote:
> > And there are still apps that haven't been ported, with their code laying
> > around in trunk.  We should have a list of each application with its
> > maintainer.
> It'd be interesting how many more of those 'borderline' apps we have lying
> around, I didn't really keep track of that ...

KOffice doesn't have a maintainer, and there are various apps that are 
unmaintained (and buggy).
KoShell and Kugar come to mind...
Various filters suffer the same fate.

I also have pity on anyone that tries to be the maintainer, I tried to 
maintain various bits but lets just say I have gained a deep respect of coolo 
(and the thickness of his hide ;)...

All this as an FYI :)
Thomas Zander
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