[rekonq] 0.7 Development: TABS UP

Markus Slopianka markus.s at kdemail.net
Sat Sep 25 03:26:42 CEST 2010

Can somebody please explain to me why since a while web browsers have to defy GUI 
It's bad enough that Rekonq doesn't have an optional menu bar. If in 0.7 tabs are moved to 
somewhere else than below the toolbar, I'll quit using Rekonq. I want a coherent GUI 
throughout my workspace and if some GTK-based browser ends up with a GUI that follows the 
KDE HIGs closer than a KDE app, I'll use that one.

If you want tabs on top, use KWin's tabbing feature or use Chrome.

You wanted our opinions. That's mine.

Am Freitag 24 September 2010, 22:45:45 schrieb Andrea Diamantini:
>   Hi all,
> I'm here to explain what's happening in rekonq development and what's
> the next 20 days roadmap. First of all, I have to say I'm sorry for my
> silence in this last period (basically, after 0.6 release).
> I'm partecipating to the akonadi-based-kdepim beta period and I have to
> say I'm having a lot of problems with my mail.
> To restore a bit the situation, I decided to switch for some time to
> thunderbird (or better, use in parallel with kmail), to effectively read
> all mail and properly reply.
> Moreover, school has started again and I need some time also there to
> let everything start smooth. So, my relative silence also in IRC.
> Anyway, I'm coding a couple of hours a day during late night and I'm
> preparing the "main" feature for the 0.7 release: "tabs up". There are
> yet 3 or 4 serious regressions to fix and I'm using this "big" change to
> do also some refactoring/move/rename. If you are curious about what's
> happening, check the "TABS_UP_BRANCH" in gitorious. When it will be
> "ready" to merge, I'll anyway mail again here and wait for some time of
> review.
> To say the truth, I'm not yet completely convinced from this change
> (let's say, I'm ~80% convinced) and I really like to hear your opinions
> about.
> Moreover, I'm too much curious about trying developing a multitasking
> browser and I really think the TABS_UP are the best option for.
> Enough for now. Spending another hour of my friday evening hacking on
> rekonq..
> Regards,
> Andrea from this strange thunderbird mail client (kmail will really rock!!)
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