[Qtscript-bindings] Making releases

Kent Hansen khansen at trolltech.com
Fri Mar 6 14:55:20 CET 2009

I've put up a versioned tarball at
which is essentially just a rename of the current Labs snapshot

Let me know if that solution is(n't) good enough.


Ian Monroe wrote:
> Many Amarok developers are kind of annoyed by how long it takes to
> compile Amarok now that we have the script generator, and I can't
> really blame them. So it'd make sense to have the script bindings in a
> seperate package. Plus this way other projects could just depend on
> the package and use the bindings, since at that point every distro
> with Amarok would have it in a seperate package.
> I can think of a few ways to do this:
> * Kent releases a versioned tarball
> * I throw it into kdesupport and make tarballs from there
> * I release a versioned tarball, with the
> http://repo.or.cz/w/qtscriptgenerator.git as the VCS for it
> With the last two methods the versions would probably just be matched
> with Amarok version. With the last method I could probably drop the
> cmake files (unless Kent wants to adopt this superior build system,
> hint hint :P).
> Ian
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