Default touch screen edge gestures

Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at
Sat Apr 8 19:51:26 UTC 2017

Am 2017-04-08 19:40, schrieb Ivan Čukić:
> Hi Martin,
> I think this needs more in-depth investigation.

That's exactly why I put up this thread!

> From my point of view, window switching, present windows and the
> desktop grid are essentially the same thing. The best solution IMO
> would be to combine them all,

Wishful thinking :-) I wanted to have that for years:

> and the UI should not be the same for
> all devices.
> For example, on a medium screen, for devices that are handheld, window
> switcher is perfect since the window list is reachable with the finger
> the user swiped with.
> For small screens, that is on the phones, the whole screens should be
> coverable by 'the finger', so a whole screen could be used for the
> switching (like present windows).
> On larger devices that are not handhelds, but are still touch-enabled,
> we could have a desktop grid, or some present windows + present
> virtual desktops switcher.

I wasn't exactly clear on for what I want to have the gestures. The 
gestures should be for notebooks which have touch screens. Plasma phone 
needs completely different gestures and giving the design it should just 
disable all.

For convertables (e.g. Lenovo Yoga) the same gestures as for notebooks 
might make sense but it would also be possible to consider different 
gestures once it's in "tablet" mode. But we currently aren't able to 
detect that at all, so for the moment we only need to consider what we 
support: notebooks with touch screens.

Personally I think that this will be a feature which we will advertise 
in the release announcement and we must define some default gestures, 
otherwise we just look unpolished. We should assign a gesture even if we 
would want a better fitting UI - we don't have that and we won't get 
that any time soon. So better trigger Alt+Tab than no window switching 
at all.


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