Tried to install the to collaborate with Plasma Mobile

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Mon Feb 22 11:46:04 UTC 2016

Hello Alfonso,

On Sunday, 2016-02-21, 15:13:50, Alfonso Hernandez wrote:
>  A development team studied several weeks ago already we are working on some
> applications for Plasma-Mobile in fact have developed an app store so far
> according to the documentation I read there is no problem, but when we
> follow the documentation to install the components to work directly on KDE
> all the system cannot support various output messages.

I am not sure what you mean.
Do you get error messages?
If so, can you post them?

> following this tutorial no casts the first message by selecting
> qtbase-opensource-src instead of qtbase-dev package. I can not find the
> source for qtbase-opensource-src package. Want to know why and what is
> their respective solution,

qtbase-dev is a Debian/Ubuntu package name for the headers, some symlinks and 
some other development related files for the Qt base modules (QtCore, QtGui, 
QtWidgets, QtNetwork, etc).

I can't find qtbase-opensource-src mentioned on the wiki page you've linked to, 
but it sounds a bit like an upstream Qt source package name, i.e. a Qt 
download from

Using a self built Qt should also be OK as long as the versions are compatible 
with the sytem's Qt.


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