Review Request 123570: Add a method to insert new known structures

Marco Martin notmart at
Thu Apr 30 09:31:12 UTC 2015

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(Updated April 30, 2015, 9:31 a.m.)

Review request for KDE Frameworks and Plasma.

Repository: kpackage

Description (updated)

When we have internal structures that aren't plugins, loadpackage/listPackages/findPackages are pretty much broken, since they can't find the structure instance.

in order to load packages one can subclass packageloader, but listing still doesn't work.
this makes possible for apps to insert new structure types without having to subclass.
an alternative is an internalListPackages similar to internalLoadPackage, but i'm not too keep to use a packageloader subclass in libplasma, because then any user of libplasma could replace the packageloader again, breaking it.

or alternatively all internal plasma package types could become plugins as well (that i fear would become necessary at some point if we want to be able to fully replace plasmapkg2 with kpackagetool)


  src/kpackage/packageloader.h 4cc40e6 
  src/kpackage/packageloader.cpp 174f54b 




Marco Martin

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