5.4 Kickoff Meeting Minutes

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Thu Apr 30 15:59:36 UTC 2015

Plasma 5.4 Kickstart Meeting

= schedule agreement  https://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/Plasma_5
 - agreed

= what will happen with baloo/kfilemetadata/baloo-widgets
 - move baloo/kfilemetadata in july
 - release baloo-widgets with applications (standalone or as part of
 - added to TODO

= consider moving kio-extras to applications in july too
 - added to TODO

= Review TODO items
 - cards were moved

= consider if systemd-kcm should be included
 - needs UI review and use cases
 - Jonathan proposed to include it but as standalone tar
 - sebas to reply on mailing list
 - discussion to continue on mailing list

= Dividing up the most major bugs in 5.3.0 between us for priority fixing
 - bugs were allocated
 - except ksyscoca as root + sudo putting root files in $HOME/.cache,
discussion continued on IRC

= different wallpapers on different virtual desktops. We should discuss it
a bit
 - push bblas
 - d_ed to send jens bug report
 - get VDG onto nice designs for activities
 - ivan to be voluntold

= System Tray - speaking of recurring piece of feedback: xembed systray
 - qt 4 apps can use the sni patch but only if distros pick it up and
sni-qt is installed which isn't always the case with e.g. skype
 - gtk old API apps need ported to new API
 - we don't want to implement xembed (which gnome has).  conclusion: sit it
 - kubuntu to add to kubuntu-notifier to install sni-qt:i386 with skype
 - jr to report to firefox/thunderbird extensions
 - jr to report to wine [ Lync and office with sharepoint only work in
windows or wine]
 - jr to report to dropbox
 - others problems include keepassx systray-on-start apps, wine

= New CI intro - sgclark
 - running now at https://build.kde.org/

= Formats / locale configuration: people are missing KLocale
 - QLocale better in some ways, worse in other.  jlayt off radar
 - Eike to work on it, ltinkl volunteers too

= Wayland
 < mgraesslin> so 5.4 is planned to be the first release with proper
Wayland support
 < mgraesslin> that's two areas
 < mgraesslin> * managing Wayland client
 < mgraesslin> * drm backend
 < mgraesslin> drm backend is already merged into master
 < mgraesslin> but it still needs love (mostly multi-screen)
 < mgraesslin> Wayland client support is currently a branch with 80 commits
which depending on how much time I find for it could go into master in
about two weekd
 < sebas> the libkscreen stuff is pretty far along, needs a bit more
polishing, then we can integrate it with kwin
 < sebas> and going through review, obviously
 < mgraesslin> Plasma itself will probably need to stick on X in the next
 < mgraesslin> many things will break on Wayland
 < mgraesslin> which needs protocols
 < mgraesslin> e.g. taskmanager, clipboard, page, absolute positioning etc

= KActivities - There's a lot of development that should be put in common
 - not covered, ivan had to leave alas

= VDG plans and focus
 - keep fleshing out missing icons
 - Add high contrast cursor theme + other variations
 - use mouse cursor theme kcm as opportunity to define standard kcm UI
 - taskbar tooltip layout design improvement (within no-resizing
 - reduce +VisualDesign bugs backlog
 - wallpaper for 5.4
 - high contrast color scheme
 - coordinate with devs and complete a design target for integrated
activities and virtual desktop
 - consider if gtk 2 theme should be merged
 - numix doing gtk 3 theme (get them talking to gtk 2 dude above)

= System Settings
 - Design target:
 - Updated overview page
 - New Search mode
 - Start with consistent Module layout
 - Developer needed

= Breeze theme as backup instead of Oxygen
 - admin (red) color scheme
 - 16:04 < htietze> I read andreas_k in this way: Default theme should be
Breeze instead of Oxygen. And the fallback solution if something fails is
 - 16:05 < notmart> that's i guess is in frameworkintegration and there is
breeze already?
 - to investigate

= Desktop Configuration Vision
 - Design target:
 - to send to mailing list

= Solid::Power
 - new library to solve Plasma dependency on kdelibs4support
 - fully async, atm 2 backends (systemd+upower / HAL)
 - currently hosted at https://github.com/caybro/solid-power, planning to
move it to kde.git real soon
 - 1st phase: port PowerDevil to it, cut the nasty circular runtime
dependency, adjusting the API as we need it
 - 2nd phase: plasma-workspace + plasma-desktop porting (shell,
dataengines, etc.)
 - 3rd phase: make Solid::Power a framework (hopefully before 5.4 freeze so
that we can depend on a released version thereof)

= New Todo items?
 - added to board from above discussions
 - https://todo.kde.org/?controller=board&action=show&project_id=44
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