Minutes Monday Plasma Hangout

Marco Martin notmart at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 10:54:53 UTC 2015

Monday hangout notes for 27 April 2015

* bugfixing
* thinking about porting fonts or icons to QML

* recent media backend to PMC to like know what episode you are in while 
watching a tv show

David E
* long bugfixing week
* hack qt4 apps to correctly load statusnotifiers in Debian
* working to fix a crash in qml animations

David R
* Bluetooth applet
* can control mediaplayer from device, shows current playing
* bugfixing
* next, maybe porting its kcms to qml

* 5.3 out tomorrow
* please take a look to the announcement/errata, correct if necessary
* https://www.kde.org/announcements/plasma-5.3.0.php
* https://community.kde.org/Plasma/5.3_Errata
* https://www.kde.org/info/plasma-5.3.0.php

Martin G
* worked on managing monitor edid
* code for overriding wrong information from screens
* direct rendering mode for kwin, merged: kwin_wayland --drm --libinput --
* hotplugging of outputs, already better than X11
* will continue work on drm backend

Tim Ramms
* fixes for notifications and jobs

* Bugfixes in baloo and krunner
* will merge new indexer in master

* qml port of mouse KCM: needs a solution to combobox bugs to be merged
* branch in libplasma to port away from sycoca: target is to stop installing 
desktop files in kservices5
* next week will continue on that
* will continue on bugfixes

Marco Martin

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