Minutes Monday Plasma Hangout

Sebastian K├╝gler sebas at kde.org
Mon Apr 20 10:55:40 UTC 2015

Present: Antonis, David, Harald, Kai Uwe, Marco, Martin G., Vishesh, Jens, 

Date: 20 April, 2015

- fixed the systray to work with 8+ items

- hidpi stuff: new setting to merge into kscreen KCM
- Working on systemsettings redesign w/ VDG

- working on volume control
- doesn't blow ears out anymore due to buffer underruns
- Alpha release planned today
- working on a design for this with VDG ( 
community.kde.org/Plasma/Volume#Concept )

Kai Uwe:
- Some wayland fixes in powerdevil
- Fixes in energyinfo KCM to show battery information (vendor, model)

- plasma theme details KCM was broken, basic settings work again now
- improved panel drag and drop
- bug triage

- worked on DRM backend in kwin: cursors, multioutput, qpainter & opengl 
outputs working
- was watching a video using kwin_wayland
- Plasma session crashes when closing windows
- will work on crashes in xwayland and hotplugging of outputs

- reported from the PIM sprint
- worked on lmdb backend for baloo, also profiling,
- to merge next week, needs testing

- wants to improve VDG processes - needs feedback from devs
- has been looking at promo things, relations with press

- KPackage stuff in sebas/index branch
    - make it possible to skip the index (in case of problems, for debugging)
    - tool to generate index, show, check, benchmark
    - adding autotests (reveals a bunch of cases which need fixing, will do 


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