Minutes Monday Plasma Hangout

Eike Hein hein at kde.org
Mon Apr 27 12:10:30 UTC 2015

For the record, I'm still somewhat against all of these QML
KCM ports ...

Qt Quick Controls currently:

- Has no form layouts and other problems making it difficult to
   implement good config UIs (e.g. no way to get the metrics to
   do nice hanging indents). Numerous Qt Quick UIs we have are
   really badly laid out compared to their Plasma 4 equivalents.

- No automatic keyboard accelerator management.

- Worse performance.

- Incomplete QStyle support and as a result various visual and
   behavioral integration issues.

- Worse hardware compatibility (Qt Quick 2 requires OpenGL, i.e.
   all of these UIs stop working if GL/llvmpipe breaks).

I also see no real *benefit* right now beyond "Qt Quick Controls
is the future". It may well be, but what matters is the quality
of what's in any given tarball. I understand amassing code using
it generates pressure to get it there, but do we really want to
use the suffering of our userbase as leverage? Have we really
tried everything we can to address these problems before we
expose more users to them yet?

This is going to lower the quality of the software we ship for
a good while. Not to take a cheap shot, but anyone read boud's
recent blog post?


On 04/27/2015 12:54 PM, Marco Martin wrote:
> Monday hangout notes for 27 April 2015
> Antonis
> * bugfixing
> * thinking about porting fonts or icons to QML
> Bhushan
> * recent media backend to PMC to like know what episode you are in while
> watching a tv show
> David E
> * long bugfixing week
> * hack qt4 apps to correctly load statusnotifiers in Debian
> * working to fix a crash in qml animations
> David R
> * Bluetooth applet
> * can control mediaplayer from device, shows current playing
> * bugfixing
> * next, maybe porting its kcms to qml
> Jonathan:
> * 5.3 out tomorrow
> * please take a look to the announcement/errata, correct if necessary
> * https://www.kde.org/announcements/plasma-5.3.0.php
> * https://community.kde.org/Plasma/5.3_Errata
> * https://www.kde.org/info/plasma-5.3.0.php
> Martin G
> * worked on managing monitor edid
> * code for overriding wrong information from screens
> * direct rendering mode for kwin, merged: kwin_wayland --drm --libinput --
> xwayland
> * hotplugging of outputs, already better than X11
> * will continue work on drm backend
> Tim Ramms
> * fixes for notifications and jobs
> Vishesh
> * Bugfixes in baloo and krunner
> * will merge new indexer in master
> Marco
> * qml port of mouse KCM: needs a solution to combobox bugs to be merged
> * branch in libplasma to port away from sycoca: target is to stop installing
> desktop files in kservices5
> * next week will continue on that
> * will continue on bugfixes

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