plasma workspace integration for akonadi

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Sat Feb 8 06:26:04 UTC 2014

Yes,I did thought of the following too :
->Kjots in QML- the notes plasmoid that uses akonadi to store data is
currently Qt based .It would be nice to port it to QML
->implement a kalarm plasmoid
->implement a contacts plasmoid
->implement a akonadi based plasmoid to store birthdays,anniversary etc of
the contacts and distinguishing them on the basis of their time occurrence
(if its about to come or  has already come ) (I dont find a similar
plasmoid so I thought of implementing it )
apart from
-> a todo list plasmoid
->re implementing and finishing lion mail
Though I would need some suggestions if the above ideas are worthwhile :p
.New suggestions are also welcome .

On Sat, Feb 8, 2014 at 11:16 AM, Martin Klapetek
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> On Sat, Feb 8, 2014 at 6:38 AM, Heena Mahour <heena393 at> wrote:
>> Re implementation of lion mail is required in any case .
>> It is currently using data engine which is not the required tool as it
>> should use models throughout and all is based on QGraphicsView .
> DataEngines are just fine for Plasma Next, actually even the clock applet
> is directly using a DataEngine. There was an architectual change in teh DEs
> that makes them use models, but they are still fully supported option.
>> It is architecturally broken and not yet finished as was suggested by
>> Sebas .
>> So , it would be a nice idea for that I think .
> Remember that GSoC is about 3 months of full-time (payed) work, porting
> one-two plasmoids can be a couple weekends project at most...
> Cheers
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