the utter failure of bugzilla (and us?)

Beat Wolf wolf at
Wed May 25 19:48:51 CEST 2011

Without reading all replies, i think i know the mayor issue.

Most plasma components have no maintainer. They are simply ignored because 
nobody feels responsible for them.

Every component that has no maintainer, imho, should not even exist.
By maintainer i don't even mean a single person, it can be a group. But the 
people that wrote the code and that know that component well enough, should 
get a copy of the bugreport.

This will solve many issues. First, quite a few bugs are junior jobs. Somebody 
that knows the code can quickly close them.
Secondly, if every component has a maintainer, they will know the bugs 
reported for that component and quickly close duplicates. This is really not a 
problem, there are perhaps between 10 and 50 open bugs per component (and 
there would be less if they had a maintainer), so if a new bug arrives, the 
person in charge would usually instantly know if it already exists.

That lack of maintainer is frankly one of the main reasons my motivation for 
bugtriaging is very low at the moment. There is just no reason to triage the 
bugs (assign them to the right component and close duplicates), if there is no 
maintainer for those components and its just pure chance that somebody will 
fall over it and fix it.

Now how that can be solved i'm not sure. I think it could be a first step to 
simply add the people mentioned in the source files for each component to the 
CC list of that component. Yes, its annoying to get bugreports, but if your 
name is in that source file, imho you should take a certain responsability.

just my 2 cents

Beat asraniel Wolf

PS: i'm really happy this is aknowledged and that we can discuss a solution 
for this.

Am Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2011, 19:14:13 schrieb Aaron J. Seigo:
> hi ...
> so, congratulations everyone, plasma is #3 in with over 1300
> reports:
> trawling through some right now, it seems that probably ~5% are actual
> issues, 5-15% more are things that could be improved, and the rest is
> mostly duplicates, downstreams/upstream or flawed reports.
> thing is, with 1300 reports, doing 1 per minute would take 21+ hours. and
> with bugzilla it is a LOT more than 1 minute per bug. probably closer to
> 10 for full inspection and resolution. which means 210 hours, at best.
> that we got here is beyond me. i think the issues are obvious:
> * we don't have a sufficient bug triage team
> * the user community is enabled to stuff any crap they wish into the
> database, making the signal-to-noise ratio absolutely horrid
> * bugzilla is slow
> * bugzilla has horrifically bad usability
> we ought to find a way to improve on this situation, but tackling one or
> more of the above.
> i don't have any answers right now, just frustrations.

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