Setting a plasmoid on desktop border

Markus Slopianka markus.s at
Sat Jul 2 11:16:16 CEST 2011

I don't get the problem. If you want a contact list integrated into Plasma Desktop, add a 
panel and drop the list onto it, like it's already possible since ages with Lancelot's 
contacts IM plasmoid.
With a panel you can set size, visibility, etc.
That has also the advantage that you can set how windows react to it. Eg it can act as 
edge of the workspace, meaning that maximized windows don't overlap it.


Am Freitag 01 Juli 2011, 16:49:48 schrieb Francesco Nwokeka:
> Hi devs.
> 	As suggested today by sebas, I'm writing to the ML to ask info about a
> problem I have and what you suggest would be the best way to solve this.
> The effect I want to achieve is the same as the cashew icon. That is being
> attached to the desktop borders or being able to know the desktop
> boundaries.
> I was told that to be able to achieve this, I would have to add my plasmoid
> to the KDE desktop containment and then set my plasmoid to stay on the
> edge.
> Another option given to me was that I were to write my own containment. But
> so would this involve writing code for the Plasma desktop.
> Do you guys have any proposals?
> P.S - Attached to the mail is one of my mockups so you can get the idea I
> have in mind.
> Thanks,
> 	Francesco

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