GSOC 2011 QMLify widgets or something

Marco Martin notmart at
Fri Feb 25 14:00:15 CET 2011

On Thursday 24 February 2011, Travis McHenry wrote:
> I'm not sure Kopete is a good target, it hasn't had a new release in a long
> long time, but the general idea is good (QML'ifying some interfaces).

now, i'm not sure what is the future of kopete, especially vs telepathy.
but i really can see a plasmoid that hooks to a common thing (there is a start 
of a telepathy plasmoid iirc)

and that little kde app is fine as is for now realy, it just needs *also* a 
plasmoid i think ;)

> For example there's the project idea (under phonon) for making a QML kmix
> widget to replace the current application.

this would be a good idea, what would be more interesting i think is an ui 
agnosting library or service for the mixer (even a process controllable with 
dbus with a client library would be fine

Marco Martin

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