GSOC 2011 QMLify widgets or something

Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Thu Feb 24 23:22:52 CET 2011

On Wednesday, February 23, 2011 21:10:22 Marco Martin wrote:
> On Wednesday 23 February 2011, Travis McHenry wrote:
> > 1) Plasma media center first release
> > Would this be just finishing up the project? I think this has been a GSOC
> > project before so I'm not sure how much work remains to be done. In other
> > words, I don't know if the level of work left to do would be enough to
> > warrant a GSOC project.

I'm certainly sure it would. Remember, "just finishing" usually means "the 
remaining 80% of the work, after the first 80% has been done". =)

I haven't looked at PMC's status very recently, though. So it might be 19%, 
81%, or anything in that range.

(And yes, phear my 133y math skills. ;-))

> > 2) Spread activities to applications
> > I'm not sure I understand what the ultimate goal is in this
> > what are the use cases for the finished product? Would it be basically
> > making applications have per-activity configurations? Like in
> > konversation you'd have tabs A B and C open up in activity 1 and in
> > activity 2 you'd have D E and F open?
> more like being able to show different lists of contacts in different
> activities, different email folders, also per activity in kmail, different
> sidebar bookmarks in dolphin and so on.

For emails, that's already possible. Just add a org.kde.emailnotifier (Lion 
Mail actually) email collection to your activities, and make it show the 
folders you want to. It's built with that in mind, and works completely 
transparently (i.e. Lion Mail doesn't even *know* about activities).
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