The future of virtual desktops

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A Sexta, 25 de Fevereiro de 2011 09:46:12 Anton Kreuzkamp você escreveu:
> > Now the question is, what will happen
> > with virtual desktops?
> > 
> > If not, this thread can serve as a place for discussing this.
> I also disagree with the idea of droping virtual desktops in favour of
> activities. But I was thinking about how to differetiate them better, and I
> came to the following idea:
> Although I'm having a big 24" screen, only ~1.5 windows fit on it, as I
> like to have much space inside the windows. As a result most time my
> windows are maximized despite my big screen (and ~1/3 of the space is
> completely unused) With maximized windows virtual desktops don't worth it
> either.
> But if I could put one window between two desktops so that one half of the
> window is on one desktop and the other half on the other desktop, and I
> could smoothly scroll to show the half of each desktop, I could arrange my
> desktop perfectly to my needs.
> This idea is most probably not rializable with virtual desktops and thus
> more a replacement for VDs, but it would make easily clear what VDs are
> about: space.
> Whether to keep the dividing in VDs or simply enable an endless scrolling
> in each direction (of course only if there are windows there) is something
> you may discuss about, both solutions are perfectly possible.

You would like my solution to this problem....... I call its space :)
the desktp is a view on a linear expanding space (it just expandes side 
ways)... that revolves into itself, (you can make the space grow or shrink ). 
and you can scrool the space in your desktop view.... This is not much difrent 
from the desktop we have now, just that you can stop a view in betwin virtual 
Ortogonal to this space you would have activities that are simple colections 
of spaces, in an activity everything can be diferent. just like in our 
cuurrent activities.... wen you browse them you woud see stacks of spaces 
piled one ot top of the other....

Problems.... aparently the way virtual desktops are build do not alow this to 
be real, secondly I would have to make realy huge wallpaper that would be 
continous strips. Third, a realy elegant presentation of this concep needs a 
opengl canvas. 

But this would solve the problem as it realy makes activities and desktops 
ortogonal visualy speaking. plus it woul be somthing that relates much more to 
real life space tends to be circular around us...we can put documents out of 
our view but easy to reach it by simply movig our view to it...


> Best regards, Anton
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