The future of virtual desktops

Anton Kreuzkamp akreuzkamp at
Fri Feb 25 10:46:12 CET 2011

> Now the question is, what will happen
> with virtual desktops?
> If not, this thread can serve as a place for discussing this.

I also disagree with the idea of droping virtual desktops in favour of 
activities. But I was thinking about how to differetiate them better, and I 
came to the following idea:

Although I'm having a big 24" screen, only ~1.5 windows fit on it, as I like to 
have much space inside the windows. As a result most time my windows are 
maximized despite my big screen (and ~1/3 of the space is completely unused)
With maximized windows virtual desktops don't worth it either.

But if I could put one window between two desktops so that one half of the 
window is on one desktop and the other half on the other desktop, and I could 
smoothly scroll to show the half of each desktop, I could arrange my desktop 
perfectly to my needs.

This idea is most probably not rializable with virtual desktops and thus more 
a replacement for VDs, but it would make easily clear what VDs are about: 

Whether to keep the dividing in VDs or simply enable an endless scrolling in 
each direction (of course only if there are windows there) is something you 
may discuss about, both solutions are perfectly possible.

Best regards, Anton

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