another interesting bug.. this time performance related

Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Wed Feb 23 14:56:48 CET 2011

On Saturday, February 19, 2011 20:24:29 Marco Martin wrote:
> > this is probably beyond my QML skills as i still haven't found the time
> > to properly throw myself into QML yet. 

I'm finding the time these days... :)

> > but i'm happy to write the model
> > and retro-fit the tasks widget for a QML widget.

Either that, or we add everything needed to the tasks dataengine, and your 
model is created automatically. We'd need to make the tasks engine bi-
directional for this, no? (I think right now it only lists, but can't 
manipulate tasks, i.e. restore.

I'm all for this, because it'll allow us to control apps from Plasma Tablet as 
well, pretty easily. (Right now, they just vanish behind the shell window are 
are gone from the UI, not quite ideal...)

> well, my qml skills are still basically figuring out everything that is not
> possible, and each weakness discovered, shouting doh! :p
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