another interesting bug.. this time performance related

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Sat Feb 19 04:21:22 CET 2011

hey all ...

here's another interesting little bug:

it seems we have some excess cpu usage in the system monitor plasmoids. needs 
some investigating, but it's certainly reproducable. if anyone wants to take 
it on, that'd be awesome.

and in case anyone is interested what i'm doing (pffft, why :P ), i've 
continued to work on both the calendar event layout and the tasks widget. in 
fact, i came to the conclusion after wasting ~2 hours futzing with the tasks 
plasmoid that the animated layout on top of QGraphicsGridWidget is a failure. 
it's ok, and the code does some impressive things given the limitations, but 
it's just not Good Enough(tm) and it simply _can't_ be. so i've started 
working on a replacement for it. a properly animated grid layout that's a 
subclass of QGraphicsLayout. fun.

Aaron J. Seigo
humru othro a kohnu se
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