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Sat Feb 12 10:22:34 CET 2011

On Friday, February 11, 2011, Luiz Romário Santana Rios wrote:
> Well... I see now how it's complex. But what if I removed all this complex
> interaction from my ideas for a (big) while and just wanted to create a
> more dynamic plasma shell? 

i'd say: don't look for permission, just start hacking and see what you come 
up with.

there's been some good and useful feedback here so far, and you can 
incorporate that input, even if it means adjusting your design and/or goals. 

but then maybe just get started. you need to write code to have code, right? 

> I mean, I can't have all geometries of all
> windows updated at the same time, but I at least can know whether there's
> any window opened, can't I -- IIRC kdeworkspace provides a list of opened
> windows?

there's KWindowInfo and KWindowSystem in libkdeui, but libktasmanager in kde-
workspace/libs/taskmanager provides a lot of conveniences. though for just 
tracking window geometry and stacking order changes, KWindowInfo/System might 
be the most straightforward route.

> If so, we'd have a plasma dashboard when no window is opened and
> a bar with all plasmoids iconfied when there are windows, for example. Is
> that feasible?

should be possible with some work and creativity, yes :)

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