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Martin Gräßlin kde at
Fri Feb 11 07:15:26 CET 2011

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> (There's a lot of replies, so I'm going to answer to the topics).
> As for the "Windows inside plasmoids is ugly" part, when I said my idea
> was to make applications and plamoids the same thing, I meant it form
> the POV of the user. Internally, they would remain different -- note
> that, in my mockups, a plasmoid does not leave background (although this
> is not very clear, I admit). Actually, they would still remain different
> at all, just with more interaction.
Currently Plasma is just a window. The contents of the plasma window is unknown to anything outside Plasma. Each other window could just destroy your idea by overlapping the interaction areas. To make it work plasmoids and windows need to be in the same layer. Either each Plasmoid is a window or each window is a plasmoid. For technical reasons the latter is not useful with X but might be with Wayland.

> As for "You'll need to create a whole new WM from scratch", I don't
> understand why. This new plasma shell wouldn't drop any KWin feature a
> priori, it would just, as I said, make it interact with plasma and,
> perhaps, hide the titlebar and/or modify window's borders. It would be
> just like Marco said.
Yes that gets in the area where a new window manager is needed. Kwin does not support the required functionality and it's very unlikely to be added.
> By the way, how does resizing work? I think KWin sends some kind of
> signal to the application, but I don't know X, so I don't know. But, if
> so, could it be used for this matter?
Resizing is a complex operation involving windowmanager, X and the client.
> About "KWin scripting is not powerful enough", maybe we could extend it
> to do whatever is needed. But I don't think it would be necessary --
> not, at least, in the beginning.
No sorry extending kwin to support it is out of bounds at the current stage.
> About "Sorry for being the bad guy", there's no problem at all.
> Actually, I want you to show me what's possible and what's not. My
> intention here is not to make a shell that resembles exactly my mockups,
> but rather showing an ideal mockup and see what I can do out of it.
> Oh, and thank you guys for the answers. I'm doing some more mockups right
> now, btw.

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