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Fri Feb 11 04:27:00 CET 2011

(There's a lot of replies, so I'm going to answer to the topics).

As for the "Windows inside plasmoids is ugly" part, when I said my idea was
to make applications and plamoids the same thing, I meant it form the POV of
the user. Internally, they would remain different -- note that, in my
mockups, a plasmoid does not leave background (although this is not very
clear, I admit). Actually, they would still remain different at all, just
with more interaction.

As for "You'll need to create a whole new WM from scratch", I don't
understand why. This new plasma shell wouldn't drop any KWin feature a
priori, it would just, as I said, make it interact with plasma and, perhaps,
hide the titlebar and/or modify window's borders. It would be just like
Marco said.

By the way, how does resizing work? I think KWin sends some kind of signal
to the application, but I don't know X, so I don't know. But, if so, could
it be used for this matter?

About "KWin scripting is not powerful enough", maybe we could extend it to
do whatever is needed. But I don't think it would be necessary -- not, at
least, in the beginning.

About "Sorry for being the bad guy", there's no problem at all. Actually, I
want you to show me what's possible and what's not. My intention here is not
to make a shell that resembles exactly my mockups, but rather showing an
ideal mockup and see what I can do out of it.

Oh, and thank you guys for the answers. I'm doing some more mockups right
now, btw.
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