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On Thursday, February 3, 2011, Ivan Cukic wrote:
> > > 1. Get rid of favorites from the application launcher.  Focus on
> > > making runners easy, intuitive, and clear.  These go in the middle.
> > 
> > don't favourites and krunner do rather different things?
> They do, but when you use krunner, that means you don't have the thing you
> want in favs. (this one proved to be correct for L's users)

the suggestion is then to put favorites and runners in physical locality to 
each other?
> > > 5. To the right of the application launcher, have a text entry
> > > field. This is krunner. Like the application launcher, it opens
> > > horizontally
> > 
> > yes, i'd like to see a plasmoid version of krunner. since the results
> > area is already a bunch of QGraphicsWidgets, this should be quite
> > doable. would you like to give this a try?
> I have definitely seen this applet before :) Maybe it is in the playground

hm.. i see something in playground/base/plasma/applets/runnapplet

will have to check it out.
> @OP: The technical issue with krunner as an applet is plasma-desktop
> crashing. That is the reason Kickoff and Shelf applet have limited number
> of runners enabled for searching.

<insert obvious response here> :)

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