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Ivan Cukic ivan.cukic at
Thu Feb 3 19:05:56 CET 2011

> the suggestion is then to put favorites and runners in physical locality
> to each other?

I have no clue about the specifics of the original idea, just saying how it 
could be ;)

BTW, on of the free DEs (forgot which one) had the standard win-like 
taskbar, and on Alt+Space (I encountered it by accident) it would replace 
the taskbar with a 'run' text field. I liked it, but it was no krunner - 
simple shell exec.

> > @OP: The technical issue with krunner as an applet is plasma-desktop
> > crashing. That is the reason Kickoff and Shelf applet have limited
> > number of runners enabled for searching.
> <insert obvious response here> :)

Obvious... obvious... hmh... run two plasma instances at all times so that 
when one crashes, the other is already there and the user doesn't notice? 

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  -- Sir Ralph Richardson

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