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Ivan Cukic ivan.cukic at
Thu Feb 3 18:23:31 CET 2011

> > 1. Get rid of favorites from the application launcher.  Focus on
> > making runners easy, intuitive, and clear.  These go in the middle.
> don't favourites and krunner do rather different things?

They do, but when you use krunner, that means you don't have the thing you 
want in favs. (this one proved to be correct for L's users)

> > 5. To the right of the application launcher, have a text entry
> > field. This is krunner. Like the application launcher, it opens
> > horizontally
> yes, i'd like to see a plasmoid version of krunner. since the results
> area is already a bunch of QGraphicsWidgets, this should be quite
> doable. would you like to give this a try?

I have definitely seen this applet before :) Maybe it is in the playground

@OP: The technical issue with krunner as an applet is plasma-desktop 
crashing. That is the reason Kickoff and Shelf applet have limited number 
of runners enabled for searching.


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