Ayatana notifications for Plasma

Aurélien Gâteau aurelien.gateau at canonical.com
Tue Sep 29 10:52:55 CEST 2009

Sebastian Kügler wrote:
> On Monday 28 September 2009 17:01:34 Roderick B. Greening wrote:
>>   I wonder if it would be worthwhile for Sebastian and Aurelien to get
>>  together  and chat offline. I see some opportunity for clarification in a
>>  one-on-one via irc, etc.
> Not sure, it sounds like you see personal issues between me and Aurelien. I don't. 
> (And I hope Aurelien doesn't either.)

I certainly don't have any personal issue with you or any other Plasma dev.

> Not that I like the current situation with 
> patches that won't be accepted because of different design direction, but to me 
> there's a fundamental difference between Aurelien as a KDE hacker and Aurelien as an 
> Ayatana ambassador.

Heh, sometimes I feel like I am suffering from multiple personality 
disorder :)

>> I believe we had some great discussions at UDS and Sebastian was awesome
>>  at  helping provide guidance to Aurelien at the time. However, it's
>>  possible that over the last 6 months we may have gotten a little off track
>>  and we have some opportunity to move this forward in a way desirable to
>>  all parties. Or at least, if we cannot make major changes for this
>>  release, we can try to minimize any confusion through direction from
>>  Sebastion, and look towards doing this differently via USD Lucid and 10.04
>>  release in 6 months time...
> At UDS, we've discussed doing things in a way that KDE can benefit from work being 
> done by Canonical. I would have hoped that this way, we get things like queueing, 
> prioritizing of notifications and improved layout / display into Plasma upstream (and 
> there's surely room for that). That hasn't happened yet, and I hope it still will.

I could probably have spent time trying to get some of the concepts you 
mentioned integrated to Plasma. I confess I didn't try because I was 
afraid all of this would be perceived as a sneaky way to move KDE 
notifications toward Ayatana notifications.

Instead I opted for presenting our work as "Here is what we did. We 
believe there are good things in it for KDE. We know you do not agree 
with some of the core concepts. We would just like you to give it a try 
and see if you find some ideas interesting for Plasma"


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