Problem to use PopupApplet

Charles Wautier p3ti7.pr1nce at
Mon Sep 21 17:43:02 CEST 2009


I made a PopupApplet plasmoid one can see here :

What makes this plasmoid unusual is that the Popup showing/hiding is not
controlled by an icon as it's supposed to be, but by a click on the label.
To realize that, I tricked, by not setting the PopupIcon (with setPopupIcon)
as I'm supposed to do (a known trick on #plasma)

The problem is : it seems that this trick has undesirable side-effects :
1/ When the plasmoid just have been started, the first click on the label
show the menu but hide it right away. Then the behaviour become normal.
2/ When resizing, the mouse cursor keeps the form of the
resizing-double-arrow even when we hover the popup
3/ The scroll bars are ugly

I would be very grateful if someone could tell me :
- if the problems I evoked really are side-effects of my trick
- if it is, how I could solve the problem

Thank you all,



PS : part of the code on
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