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Mon Sep 21 21:29:51 CEST 2009

On September 21, 2009, Charles Wautier wrote:
> What makes this plasmoid unusual is that the Popup showing/hiding is not
> controlled by an icon as it's supposed to be, but by a click on the label.
> To realize that, I tricked, by not setting the PopupIcon (with
>  setPopupIcon) as I'm supposed to do (a known trick on #plasma)

technically, it's not a trick :)
> The problem is : it seems that this trick has undesirable side-effects :
> 1/ When the plasmoid just have been started, the first click on the label
> show the menu but hide it right away. Then the behaviour become normal.

sounds like a bug in your code, or something we haven't made obvious enough in 
the API. 

you can either override the mousePressEvent in your applet itself or, if the 
label in your plasmoid is a separate widget then simply call showPopup when 
it's clicked.

> 2/ When resizing, the mouse cursor keeps the form of the
> resizing-double-arrow even when we hover the popup

when resizing what, the applet?  it keeps the resize cursor even after you 
stop resizing? because resizing the applet continues until you let go of the 
mouse button, even if the cursor passes over another window.

> 3/ The scroll bars are ugly

which scroll bars?

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