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David Palacio dpalacio at
Sun Sep 20 20:57:18 CEST 2009

Sorry I am not properly replying. I am not subscribed and forgot to tell you 
that. /me subscribes.

Aarón Seigo escribió:
> On September 18, 2009, David Palacio wrote:
> > * The private Plasma::Style should be extended to let the scrollarea and
> >  view items be painted in the current theme style.
> we already have one item delegate in libplasma, we i suppose we could have
> another.
I saw that. It does not work properly with a simple QStringListModel and the 
View still feels out of place. The latter is because a delegate only styles 
items, it misses the background and frame. That is why I think extending the 
Plasma style is the best option.

> exporting Plasma::Style is not an option as we have no idea whether that
> what we can commit to in the longer term.
Of course. But if view widgets were exported from kdelibs, they could use the 
private extended style.

> > * Export the different view widgets to Plasma.
> this is a possibility. i was half-waiting for the new Qt M/V stuff to
> emerge, but i suppose we can only hold our breath for so long.
> iirc Lancelot and FolderView both have some M/V integration. the device
> notifier being ported to QGV will also need something.
> given that work and its usefulness to the kate/konsole/etc sessions
> plasmoids, a list widget would likely be a welcome addition.
> i would like to see us avoid forcing people to use Qt's rather painful M/V
> API just to get a nice list, however. so it should be a feature rather than
> a requirement to use such a Plasma::Widget.
> > Or Chani's desktop menu launcher
> if you're referring to the ContainmentActions plugin, i don't think there
> is anything that can or should be done about this.
It is always possible :)

> > Reimplementation of the konsole profiles widget as a folderview
> >
> is this a mockup or have you actually ported the konsole profiles?
You could call it a mockup. The two widgets to the left are actually 
folderviews. For each profile I created a .desktop link. The Qt one includes 
Assistant, Designer and Creator links.

> i'm not sure that using folderview's list widget is really the best of
> ideas. if you take a look at the existing delegate in libplasma, you can
> see some of the current requirements. and again, Jacopo and Giulio are
> working on the device notifier to take it in this direction, so maybe they
> could end up creating a nice generic list widget out of that for use by
> others?
That is the idea. A grid or tree view widget with a custom delegate would be 
great as well.
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