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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Sun Sep 20 18:03:50 CEST 2009

On September 18, 2009, David Palacio wrote:
> * The private Plasma::Style should be extended to let the scrollarea and
>  view items be painted in the current theme style.

we already have one item delegate in libplasma, we i suppose we could have 

exporting Plasma::Style is not an option as we have no idea whether that what 
we can commit to in the longer term.

> * Export the different view widgets to Plasma.

this is a possibility. i was half-waiting for the new Qt M/V stuff to emerge, 
but i suppose we can only hold our breath for so long.

iirc Lancelot and FolderView both have some M/V integration. the device 
notifier being ported to QGV will also need something. 

given that work and its usefulness to the kate/konsole/etc sessions plasmoids, 
a list widget would likely be a welcome addition. 

i would like to see us avoid forcing people to use Qt's rather painful M/V API 
just to get a nice list, however. so it should be a feature rather than a 
requirement to use such a Plasma::Widget.

> Or Chani's desktop menu launcher

if you're referring to the ContainmentActions plugin, i don't think there is 
anything that can or should be done about this.

> Reimplementation of the konsole profiles widget as a folderview 

is this a mockup or have you actually ported the konsole profiles?

i'm not sure that using folderview's list widget is really the best of ideas. 
if you take a look at the existing delegate in libplasma, you can see some of 
the current requirements. and again, Jacopo and Giulio are working on the 
device notifier to take it in this direction, so maybe they could end up 
creating a nice generic list widget out of that for use by others?

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