Generic view widget for Plasma

David Palacio dpalacio at
Sat Sep 19 05:58:20 CEST 2009

The Qt Model/View framework is being forgotten for Plasma widgets. I like the 
folderview's panel mode and I wanted to make a generic quick access widget 
similar. If it were made as a View, anybody else could plug any model to it. 
Code less, create more ;)

Think of the konsole and konqueror profiles widgets. Or Chani's desktop menu 
launcher. They seem out of place, not styled. I would love to have them to 
look as good as folderview.

I already considered using any view and setting a custom QItemDelegate. Then I 
found QStyledItemDelegate and the already existing, but incomplete, plasma 
style. I think this last pair is the best and most flexible solution.

* The private Plasma::Style should be extended to let the scrollarea and view 
items be painted in the current theme style.
* Export the different view widgets to Plasma.

Some links:
Brainstorm idea

Reimplementation of the konsole profiles widget as a folderview

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