Tokamak III Wrap Up

Rob Scheepmaker r.scheepmaker at
Sun Sep 6 22:52:32 CEST 2009

On Saturday 05 September 2009 14:53:18 Sebastian Kügler wrote:
> Fellow Plasmaniacs,
> I hope you all got home well, and those of you who haven't made it yet:
> have a safe and pleasant trip!
> I've spent the better part (actually the better part of the journey I was
> *not* sleeping or having lunch in the train's restaurant ;-)) to writing up
> the results of last week's Plasma cuddling in the Alps. Maybe I hadn't
> realized it yet, but HOLY CRAP -- what a lot of big achievements.

My trip was fine, and tokamak 3 was really, really awesome. I had a great 
time, and I think we all accomlished a lot. I haven't blogged about it yet, 
since I had some other stuff going on this weekend, but I will blog about it 

> As such, the tone of this article is pretty bold. I've quoted some people
> (notably aseigo, pinda, morpheuz, these people, and everybody else should
> fact-check the article so we don't make false promises. If you feel
> uncomfortable with some of the contents of this article, please let me know
> and we'll change it before publishing. I'll also add a couple of photos and
> screenshots to the article. Ana, can you give me a nice-looking screenshot
> of the widgets explorer? Marco / Artur, please send me one of the netbook
> shell. Dario, I need a policykit screenie. Thanks!
> As to reviewing, especially the following is needed:
> - proof-reading by native speaker
> - fact-checks (who did what)
> - spell-checking andn correct attribution of names
> - what else did I forget?

Ok, I've been busy with personal stuff this weekend and have only just been 
able to check my mail and haven't even been able to catch up the lack of sleep 
I built up on Tokamak, soI'm tired now, and I should probably read the whole 
article again tomorrow, but here are some small nitpicks I found when reading 
the introduction and the part about my work:

"Last week, the fourth Plasma developers meeting was held in Randa".... 

"Dutch Plasma hacker Rob Scheepmakers"
I usually work alone while building boats ;) Without the last 's' please :p

"Under the hood, a number of technologies for communicating, concerting and 
announcing local services"
I thing instead of concerting, orchestrating would be the word you're looking 

"the ZeroConf protocol is used"
I think it's just Zeroconf (no capital C)

"The remote widget support is another long-planned feature planned for Plasma 
..." a long-planned feature planned... it's not incorrect, but somehow I think 
this sentence could be a little prettier by not using the word planned twice 
in the space of three words.

Ok, I'll see again tomorrow if I spot some more errors when I'm finally fully 
rested. Overall it seemed to be a nice and well written article that really 
conveys how much we've accomplished at tokamak. I'm really honored to be part 
of a team of such awesome developers... you guys rock. :)


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