Tokamak III Wrap Up

Marco Martin notmart at
Sun Sep 6 15:26:49 CEST 2009

On Saturday 05 September 2009, Sebastian Kügler wrote:
> Fellow Plasmaniacs,
> I hope you all got home well, and those of you who haven't made it yet:
> have a safe and pleasant trip!
yep :D

> I've spent the better part (actually the better part of the journey I was
> *not* sleeping or having lunch in the train's restaurant ;-)) to writing up
> the results of last week's Plasma cuddling in the Alps. Maybe I hadn't
> realized it yet, but HOLY CRAP -- what a lot of big achievements.
> As such, the tone of this article is pretty bold. I've quoted some people
> (notably aseigo, pinda, morpheuz, these people, and everybody else should
> fact-check the article so we don't make false promises. If you feel
> uncomfortable with some of the contents of this article, please let me know
> and we'll change it before publishing. I'll also add a couple of photos and
> screenshots to the article. Ana, can you give me a nice-looking screenshot
> of the widgets explorer? Marco / Artur, please send me one of the netbook
> shell. Dario, I need a policykit screenie. Thanks!
> As to reviewing, especially the following is needed:
> - proof-reading by native speaker
eheh, you know the quality of my english :D
> - fact-checks (who did what)
all seems correct to me
> - spell-checking andn correct attribution of names
> - what else did I forget?
already blogged about but i think that is a quite good image the fact that the 
new systray spec was designed during tokamak2 and merged in kdelibs in 
tokamak3, taking exactly the time from a tkamak to the other.

not sure, but
"This way, JavaScript (or rather its ISO-standardized version ECMA script"
is it iso standardized or as the name says just ecma?

> I plan to publish the article on Tuesday and will poke the press a bit to
> write about it, so please be quick by providing feedback, fresh news is
> more likely to be re- published by third parties after all -- and we
> certainly have created interesting stuff to write about.
> Maybe also a personal note to everybody involved: I really enjoyed working
> with everybody, and to me T3 was serious fun. You rock! Thanks for having
> me being part of such a great team. I mean it.
me too, it was an astonishing experience, i miss you guys :)

> Thanks,

Marco Martin

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