about the OSX-like dock for KDE

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Sun May 17 20:14:02 CEST 2009

On Thursday 14 May 2009, fab fab wrote:
> environnement and supports the Opengl; it's Cairo-Dock2 (also known as
> glx-dock).

you're kidding, right?

the config dialog alone makes me want to puke, but it sort of misses the point 
that the plasma project exists to create a coherent set of such tools that 
work well together and with the kde applications.

> It is written with GTK inside, but this one is mainly used for the main
> loop and to build the menus.
> except for that, it only has usual dependancies : cairo, glx, dbus and
> libxml, and runs smoothly on a KDE desktop.

and it can run plasmoids, i suppose? theme works with krunner and kwin?

let's look at it another way. which is harder and provides a more consistent 
user experience:

* a dock written with plasma
* making cairo-dock integrate with plasma

> So my proposal is : what about making a Kairo-Dock ?

i honestly don't think you've really thought it through properly.

i do think you saw it's release last week and got all excited about it. which 
obviously trumps actually thinking from a design perspective, right? i mean, 
why design things properly when we can just hack together a collection of odds 
and ends?

this is now the third such thread on this list in the last month that 
approaches things from a "hack it together because it doesn't _really_ matter 
what the resulting solution will look like" perspective, and i'm growing 
increasingly tired of that.

it is not the plasma way.

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