about the OSX-like dock for KDE

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Thu May 14 12:46:29 CEST 2009

I've read by chance that you are planning to develop a dock, in a similar
way to the MacOSX one, using the Plasma.
As you may know, there is already a dock that is independant from the
environnement and supports the Opengl; it's Cairo-Dock2 (also known as
It is written with GTK inside, but this one is mainly used for the main loop
and to build the menus.
except for that, it only has usual dependancies : cairo, glx, dbus and
libxml, and runs smoothly on a KDE desktop.
It is independant from the desktop because the integration with the desktop
is provided by external plug-ins : there is one for Gnome and another for
XFCE, the one for KDE is still missing though.
So my proposal is : what about making a Kairo-Dock ? It could be either a
port of gtk towards qt, or the writing of a kde-integration plug-in.
If you want to knwo more about Cairo-Dock, you can see for instance some
screenshots here : http://www.cairo-dock.org/mc_album.php?a=3
and find some videos on youtube, or even install the deb packages here :

Thanks for reading.
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