change in system tray widget will require change in many theme's widgets/systemtray.svg

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Mon May 11 11:30:45 CEST 2009


i just committed a change to the system tray that makes it cut out the top and 
bottom edges of the svg and contents margins if the minimum height/width or 
the taskarea is too big to fit.

however, right now the systemtray.svg's we have have rather thick borders and 
no hint-*-margin elements in them, resulting in the borders getting cut off 
unnecessarily (but accurately according to the svg) at large sizes.

for instance, in Air the borders are 7px each. but really, the margin should 
only be 4 (or maybe even 3?) pixels ... the difference is big: with 7px 
margins it requires a 36px high panel (our default is 35 right now iirc), 
while with 4px we get away with just a 30px panel. it's a big difference 

does anyone feel motivated enough to go through the systemtray.svg files we 
have in the themes in svn and insert more appropriate hint-top-margin, hint-
bottom-margin, hint-left-margin and hint-right-margin elements? if nobody 
steps up, i'll do it of course ...

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