change in system tray widget will require change in many theme's widgets/systemtray.svg

Marco Martin notmart at
Mon May 11 12:44:44 CEST 2009

On Monday 11 May 2009, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> hi...
> i just committed a change to the system tray that makes it cut out the top
> and bottom edges of the svg and contents margins if the minimum
> height/width or the taskarea is too big to fit.
> however, right now the systemtray.svg's we have have rather thick borders
> and no hint-*-margin elements in them, resulting in the borders getting cut
> off unnecessarily (but accurately according to the svg) at large sizes.
> for instance, in Air the borders are 7px each. but really, the margin
> should only be 4 (or maybe even 3?) pixels ... the difference is big: with
> 7px margins it requires a 36px high panel (our default is 35 right now
> iirc), while with 4px we get away with just a 30px panel. it's a big
> difference visually.
> does anyone feel motivated enough to go through the systemtray.svg files we
> have in the themes in svn and insert more appropriate hint-top-margin,
> hint- bottom-margin, hint-left-margin and hint-right-margin elements? if
> nobody steps up, i'll do it of course ...
done :)
actually just to air oxygen and blens since other themes had systray borders 
4-5 pixels wide already

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