Clocks context menu to fast copying date and time

Emdek emdeck at
Tue Mar 31 15:27:57 CEST 2009

> Sounds like a useful feature. :) Make sure you implement it in  
> libplasmaclock
> so all clocks can benefit...

Of course, that is what I'm talking about. ;-)

> Hmm, you'd better get an svn checkout. In my experience it is near  
> impossible
> to create good working code without actually testing the code. Depending  
> on
> somebody else to do all the testing, is kind of... inconvenient.

Yes, I know, but I don't have enough hard drive space and for this small patch it is too big overhead I think.
The code is already implemented and tested (half of year and no reports, I'm using it every day starting from KDE 4.1 and I've also didn't noticed any problems), it only need to be extracted and modified in one place (in my clock you can configure available formats, globally it is not needed).
This patch would consist of about thirty lines of code (so could be marked as trivial), and would add only three methods without conflicts with existing code (as far as I know there is no default list of contextual actions for ClockApplet, at least for 4.2). 
I could create patches for 4.2 and 4.1, only difference would be different offsets in files.
The biggest problem for me is only there that I never created any patch, but I think that Kompare should help me to accomplish generation of patch file. ;-) 

> Anyway, welcome to plasma!

Thanks, it's nice to also giving and not only using results of others work. :-)

Best regards

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